Delivery Methods


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Design Build

Design-build presents a great opportunity for early collaboration. Rather than separate the “designers” from the “builders”, design-build delivery formalizes a partnership between design and building teams throughout the entirety of the project, from inception to completion. This includes the contributions of key subcontractors and engineers during the conceptual stages of design. At C1 we believe that our experience and knowledge permit us to substantially support the design process, by offering informed suggestions about things like structural system alternatives, construction details, materials and many other components that can translate design concepts into reality. Frequent group meetings stimulate a fertile exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives, and often uncover unexpected ways to add value to the project. They permit rapid communication and immediate clarification, useful insights and speedy feedback, and these in turn promote timely decisions and quick turnaround. In a design-build process, these dynamic iterations between design and building teams yield a seamless transition from design to construction, and substantial time and cost savings to the owner.


General Contracting

C1 delivers over ninety percent of its projects under a negotiated Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). We are typically engaged in the early stages of a project’s development – during conceptual or schematic design. During these early stages of preconstruction, we are able to deliver value to the client and design team through constructability guidance, systems and detail suggestions, estimating and feasibility explorations. Also during this phase, we begin to assemble the most talented and appropriate management team and subcontractor bid list for the project. Our pool of subcontractor resources is deep and wide, developed and nurtured over decades in the industry.

Throughout the project, C1 provides ongoing feedback and helps owners and architects understand how a design vision can come to fruition through tangible details and construction methods. We offer a myriad of alternatives and budget ramifications so that owners can take control and make informed decisions early.

C1 can work under a variety of delivery methods, including construction manager at risk, lump sum, Integrated Project Delivery, design-build, and lean construction. In every case, our approach is to lead with a win-win vision for partnership and collaboration, to achieve the highest quality project for the owner.


Pre Construction Services

It is during this critical phase that our rich project experience, knowledge of emerging building technologies, and thought leadership offer the greatest value to a client. During preconstruction our team empowers clients to analyze options and make informed decisions long before a shovel hits the ground and precious money flows into construction.

We deliver best-in-class preconstruction services by utilizing a host of analytical and communication tools at our disposal: thorough constructability reviews held collaboratively with the design team; exploration and suggestion of innovative means and methods of construction; Building Information Modeling (BIM); physical mock-ups; and a myriad of proprietary, comprehensive estimating and budgeting tools, based on decades of well-documented experience with a wide variety of project types. Virtual construction through BIM, in particular, is an invaluable resource during preconstruction for communicating design iterations, facilitating early decision-making, and exploring a variety of fabrication scenarios.

C1 believes that its exceptional preconstruction team is the strongest weapon in its cost and budget control arsenal. By thoroughly examining all aspects of a project, playing out different building and scheduling scenarios virtually, resolving conflicts prior to construction, and ultimately figuring out the most efficient way to build the project, we help clients to achieve the highest value project within any allocated budget and schedule.